Howdy! Looking to hire the best freelance PPC Expert in India? I’m a Google AdWords certified freelance PPC Expert available for immediate hire. I offer pay per click services to clients across cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. Also, I accept projects from small businesses and individuals who look to outsource their PPC management services to offshore at affordable pricing.

A seasoned freelance PPC Expert having 7+ years’ experience in the domain and fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands including few from the Fortune 500 list of India. Also, I’ve worked with many clients from both the US, UK, and Australia and though I’m not bragging, till date I’ve managed to keep a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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I’m no Superman, nor do I claim to have invented some leading edge piece of technology like Elon Musk that’ll revolutionize your paid campaigns. No!

The reasons you should hire me as your offshore freelance PPC Expert in India are pretty simple. I’ve got quite an experience and hence, I’m CONFIDENT. As a PPC freelancer I’ve worked with everyone, from small shops to big brands – on campaigns with monthly budgets that range from $100 to $18,000 per month – I know what it takes to secure results. I’ll deliver genuine leads – and I won’t tie you down to a long term contract. Period.

Here’s a rundown of my offerings …

  • Free PPC Account Audit
  • Google Analytics Analysis for Better Insights
  • PPC Campaign Planning, Setup, and Optimization
  • PPC Account Restructuring
  • Google Adwords Display, Search, and Shopping
  • Bing AdWords Display, Search, and Shopping
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Conversion and Goal Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Performance Analysis


Let’s face it, you might have a plethora of options. So, let’s cover 4 rock-solid reasons why ppc freelancers have the edge, over consultancies.

  1. You won’t be paying over the odds, for expenses that are required to run a top-notch agency OR consultancy. I’m just a lean one-man-army armed with an iMac, phone, and years of experience.
  2. You’ll get flexibility and a pay per click strategy tailored just for your business – not some !@#$#% ill-designed package that seldom fits anyone.
  3. You won’t be chained to a restrictive contract for 12 months. However, I request my clients for at least a 3-6 months term since like everything else, successful PPC campaigns are the same. They take time and effort. It takes time to find out which keywords work for your business and drive sales/conversions. It requires research and statistical data to find the right combination of keywords, ads etc. This is a wonderful article by Coralie. Go through it. You’ll like it. Here’s another video that you might enjoy watching.
  4. Lastly, as a freelance PPC Expert I earn my bread and butter through the results I get for my clients. Period. If I really want to solve my hunger problem and survive, I better secure some reasonable results for you.





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My direct number is (900)261-0043. You can Chat on WhatsApp or email me as well. Also, just click to initiate a Skype chat.

Do not waste your advertising budgets in vain. Hire an experienced AdWords (now, Google Ads) PPC Expert today and make your every penny count.

P.S. I’m not just a number monger, penny crunching PPC Expert, I too got a good aesthetic sense and a strong sense of web usability, user friendliness of a website or landing page, landing page development, and testing. Hence, I can help you with these as well.

NOTE: I’m a white hat PPC Expert. LOL! I DO NOT work on Adult and Illegal sites. So if you are selling Adult products or your business is not legal, then please do not Hire Me or contact me.